Hi, I'm Maria Atanackovic the artist and designer behind Maluda. Thanks for popping over to my site, it's a pleasure to have you here.


Maluda started out as an award winning surface design studio based in Dublin, Ireland. During that time I concentrated on designing uplifting, unique and versatile artwork for application onto a wide range of products including cushions, bed linen, bolt fabric and stationery. My work was mostly pattern-based and commercial by nature.


More recently, Maluda has expanded into an art practice. My focus has shifted from designing patterns digitally, to screen printing original artwork. With a background in printed textiles, the move back to the physical print studio felt natural, almost inevitable. I am currently a member of Damn Fine Print in Dublin's Stoneybatter. Here I screen print small editions of my artwork.


In my work, colour, shape and movement are used to express feelings and emotions. I am particularly drawn to clean lines, vibrant colour and the way shapes can interact with or become organic forms.

I will continue to add new artwork to the shop as I print it. I also have some other print-based products in mind for the near future. So watch this space!