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Maria Atanackovic is the award winning pattern designer behind Maluda, a surface design studio based in Dublin, Ireland. As an avid pattern enthusiast, Maria truly believes in the power of colourful prints to enrich people's lives in a small but significant way. That's why she spends her time designing quirky patterns to decorate all kinds of everything. From fabric to stationery, homewares to wallpaper, she's got you covered!


Drawing on the energy of the world around her, Maria creates eclectic designs with a distinct charm. She likes to create a sense of ordered chaos in her work and is particularly drawn to clean lines, vibrant colour and the way shapes interact with organic forms.

Maria creates uplifting, unique and versatile artwork for a wide range of products. If you would like to view her complete catalogue, buy or license a design, collaborate, or just say hi, then get in touch.


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Below is a small selection of designs from our portfolio.


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If you would like to view our complete catalogue, drop us a line at maria@studiomaluda.com and we will get back to you shortly.


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Tel: +353 874423089

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